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Dr Chira Ranjan Khadanga

Consultant, Department of Radiation Oncology

MBBS- MD (BHU), Clinical Fellow IGRT (TMH,Mumbai), ECMO(European Soc of Med Oncology), Consultant Radiation Oncology, SUM Ultimate Medicare, Bhubaneswar


    • Conformal Radiation Therapy (IMRT & 3D-CRT)
    • High Precision Radiation Therapy ( IGRT & IG-IMRT)
    • Radiosurgery ( SRS, SABR, SBRT, FSRT)
    • Special Radiation Therapy Procedures (TSET, TBI, Extra-Corporeal Radiation Therapy)
    • Brachytherapy ( Interstitial, Surface-mould, ICRT, ILRT)

Brief Profile

Dr. Chira Ranjan Khadanga, Consultant Radiation Oncology, SUM Ultimate Medicare, has trained as a Radiation Oncologist at the renowned Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), Mumbai. He earned an honed his clinical experience, working under the various Disease Management Groups (DMG) like Neuro-Oncology, Head-Neck Oncology, Thoracic Oncology, Gynaecology Oncology, Gastro-Oncology, Paediatric as well as Hematolymphoid Oncology at TMH, Mumbai and leading corporate hospitals. Abreast with the latest developments, courtesy exposure gained from attending many international and national conferences, Dr. Khadanga, has extensive hands-on experience of latest radiation therapy equipments and procedures including Radiosurgery. In his relatively young career, Dr. Khandanga has notched up numerous successful brachytherapy procedures like perineal interstitial brachytherapy, ILRT, peri-operative interstitial brachytherapy for soft-tissue sarcomas & breast cancer, surface moulds and strontium application f

Awards & Recognition

Dr. Khadanga, who has several publications on Radiotherapy & Oncology in various peer-reviewed indexed international journals, has also authored a chapter in the book "Evidence-Based Management of cancers in India", published by Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), Mumbai. He was awarded the Neil-Joseph Fellowship at National Conference, Jaipur, AROICON (Annual Conference of Association of Radiation Oncologists of India) 2011 and the AROI (Association of Radiation Oncologists of India ) Overseas Fellowship at National Conference, Trivandrum, AROICON 2018. He was also awarded the Best Paper Presentation Award at National Conference, Nagpur, AROICON 2014. He was an oral presenter