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Clinical Psychology & Counseling

Clinical psychology and counseling play crucial roles within a hospital setting, providing essential mental health support to patients facing a myriad of challenges. In this dynamic environment, clinical psychologists and counselors collaborate with multidisciplinary healthcare teams to address the psychological aspects of illness, trauma, and recovery. They conduct thorough assessments to understand the unique psychological profiles of patients, offering tailored interventions to alleviate distress and enhance coping mechanisms. Whether assisting individuals dealing with chronic illnesses, acute medical crises, or the emotional toll of various medical procedures, these professionals strive to promote mental well-being. Additionally, they often engage in psychoeducation, helping patients and their families understand the psychological implications of their health conditions. Their interventions extend beyond crisis management, encompassing long-term therapy for chronic conditions and supporting individuals in adapting to life-altering circumstances. In the hospital context, clinical psychology and counseling contribute significantly to the holistic care of patients, recognizing the intricate interplay between mental and physical health in the healing process.